DiscussionsCategory: Basic ScienceHow far is the sun to us?
FUNMILOLA ATERE asked 2 years ago

How far is the sun to us?

Charity EjioforCharity Ejiofor replied 12 months ago

150milion kilo meter

Amasio FaruqAmasio Faruq replied 11 months ago

150.46million km

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Kelvin ChukwuKelvin Chukwu answered 2 years ago

93 million miles

Michelle Don oputeMichelle Don opute replied 2 years ago


Reuben EhijiatorReuben Ehijiator answered 2 years ago

151.96 million km

Fayo OlaFayo Ola answered 2 years ago

The distance from the sun to earth is approximately 93 million miles.

Rere AbidoyeRere Abidoye answered 2 years ago

32320000000000000000000000000 million miles exactaly

Mofopemi AkinbiMofopemi Akinbi replied 10 months ago

How do you know that🤔🤔🤔

Karen NwachukwuKaren Nwachukwu answered 1 year ago

150.72 million km

Olamide OlaobajuOlamide Olaobaju answered 1 year ago

Okay,than th

Olamide OlaobajuOlamide Olaobaju answered 1 year ago

Okay, thanks

Chiazokam ChijiokeChiazokam Chijioke answered 12 months ago

The Earth farthest distance from the sum is 94.5 million miles or 152 million kilometers

Debbie OkoliDebbie Okoli answered 11 months ago


Prince ShalomPrince Shalom replied 10 months ago

149.31million Kilometers

Osayomore ObasekiOsayomore Obaseki answered 8 months ago


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