DiscussionsCategory: Basic ScienceHow far is the sun to us?
FUNMILOLA ATERE asked 1 year ago

How far is the sun to us?

Charity EjioforCharity Ejiofor replied 3 months ago

150milion kilo meter

Amasio FaruqAmasio Faruq replied 3 months ago

150.46million km

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Kelvin ChukwuKelvin Chukwu answered 1 year ago

93 million miles

Michelle Don oputeMichelle Don opute replied 1 year ago


Reuben EhijiatorReuben Ehijiator answered 1 year ago

151.96 million km

Fayo OlaFayo Ola answered 1 year ago

The distance from the sun to earth is approximately 93 million miles.

Rere AbidoyeRere Abidoye answered 1 year ago

32320000000000000000000000000 million miles exactaly

Mofopemi AkinbiMofopemi Akinbi replied 2 months ago

How do you know that🤔🤔🤔

Karen NwachukwuKaren Nwachukwu answered 7 months ago

150.72 million km

Olamide OlaobajuOlamide Olaobaju answered 7 months ago

Okay,than th

Olamide OlaobajuOlamide Olaobaju answered 7 months ago

Okay, thanks

Chiazokam ChijiokeChiazokam Chijioke answered 4 months ago

The Earth farthest distance from the sum is 94.5 million miles or 152 million kilometers

Debbie OkoliDebbie Okoli answered 2 months ago


Prince ShalomPrince Shalom replied 2 months ago

149.31million Kilometers

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