DiscussionsCategory: Civic EducationIs Civic Education taught only in Nigeria?
Fisayo ObadinaFisayo Obadina asked 3 years ago

Is Civic Education taught or studied only in Nigeria?

Wahab BadiruWahab Badiru replied 3 years ago


chidubem umekwechidubem umekwe replied 3 years ago

No, it is not only taught in Nigeria.

Success JohnSuccess John replied 3 years ago

No,it’s not only nigeria,hi am new here,can i have friends pls?

Purity MondayPurity Monday replied 3 years ago

But just that it might be in a different way

Temitayo OlarewajuTemitayo Olarewaju replied 2 years ago


Jaafar UsmanJaafar Usman replied 12 months ago

No but it might be taught in a different way

Salma Usman modibboSalma Usman modibbo replied 8 months ago

Yh it’s taught here in Nigeria

3 Answers
chidubem umekwechidubem umekwe answered 3 years ago

no it is not taught in nigeria

Peace WabarePeace Wabare replied 3 years ago

No, civic education is not taught only in Nigeria.

Purity MondayPurity Monday answered 3 years ago

No  civic education isn’t taught only in Nigeria it’s taught all over just that there’s difference 

Jaafar UsmanJaafar Usman answered 12 months ago

No it’s not only taught in Nigeria but might be in different ways 

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