DiscussionsCategory: Civic EducationIs Civic Education taught only in Nigeria?
Fisayo ObadinaFisayo Obadina asked 4 years ago

Is Civic Education taught or studied only in Nigeria?

Wahab BadiruWahab Badiru replied 4 years ago


chidubem umekwechidubem umekwe replied 4 years ago

No, it is not only taught in Nigeria.

Success JohnSuccess John replied 4 years ago

No,it’s not only nigeria,hi am new here,can i have friends pls?

Purity MondayPurity Monday replied 4 years ago

But just that it might be in a different way

Temitayo OlarewajuTemitayo Olarewaju replied 3 years ago


Jaafar UsmanJaafar Usman replied 2 years ago

No but it might be taught in a different way

Salma Usman modibboSalma Usman modibbo replied 2 years ago

Yh it’s taught here in Nigeria

3 Answers
chidubem umekwechidubem umekwe answered 4 years ago

no it is not taught in nigeria

Peace WabarePeace Wabare replied 4 years ago

No, civic education is not taught only in Nigeria.

Purity MondayPurity Monday answered 4 years ago

No  civic education isn’t taught only in Nigeria it’s taught all over just that there’s difference 

Jaafar UsmanJaafar Usman answered 2 years ago

No it’s not only taught in Nigeria but might be in different ways 

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