DiscussionsCategory: CommerceIs the value of 5 naira note worth the cost of producing it?
Cliff ImasuenClassHall Instructor Staff asked 3 years ago

Government spends money to print or produce currency notes and coins. Does anyone have an idea what the cost is to produce a currency note or coin? I am guessing it costs the same amount to produce all denominations of the naira. Could this be the reason why there seems to be a scarcity of lower currency denominations in the country?

Winnie NonyeWinnie Nonye replied 5 months ago

I don’t think it affects that

5 Answers
Sadiq BarauSadiq Barau answered 1 year ago

I dont think its worth producing 

Halima AhmaduHalima Ahmadu answered 1 year ago

I also don’t think so

Maryam Abduljamih FolorunshoMaryam answered 1 year ago

It does not worth producing

Favour nwankwoFavour nwankwo answered 1 year ago

It is not worth producing at all cause 5naira note is very scarce in Nigeria

Melvyn ChukwuMelvyn Chukwu answered 1 year ago


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