DiscussionsCategory: Animal HusbandryWhat are the branches of animal husbandry?
Osaze IdemudiaOsaze Idemudia asked 3 years ago

What are the branches of animal husbandry?

Chiamka ChiekezieGeography Ss3 replied 3 years ago

Record and account

Ayomi OlowolayemoAyomi Olowolayemo replied 3 years ago

Nutrition, marketing,record, account

Deborah AkinbolureDeborah Akinbolure replied 2 years ago

Nutrition, marketing, record and account

1 Answers
Praise AkinbobolaPraise Akinbobola answered 3 years ago

The branches of animal husbandry are:

  1. Nutrition
  2. Marketing
  3. Record and account.
Ibukun JejeIbukun Jeje replied 3 years ago

3.Record and account

Omotola AfolabiOmotola Afolabi replied 3 years ago


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