DiscussionsCategory: Animal HusbandryWhat are the branches of animal husbandry?
Osaze IdemudiaOsaze Idemudia asked 11 months ago

What are the branches of animal husbandry?

Chiamka ChiekezieGeography Ss3 replied 10 months ago

Record and account

Ayomi OlowolayemoAyomi Olowolayemo replied 9 months ago

Nutrition, marketing,record, account

Deborah AkinbolureDeborah Akinbolure replied 7 months ago

Nutrition, marketing, record and account

1 Answers
Praise AkinbobolaPraise Akinbobola answered 11 months ago

The branches of animal husbandry are:

  1. Nutrition
  2. Marketing
  3. Record and account.
Ibukun JejeIbukun Jeje replied 11 months ago

3.Record and account

Omotola AfolabiOmotola Afolabi replied 11 months ago


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