DiscussionsCategory: GeographyWhat are the factors afffecting weather?
Victor OludareVictor Oludare asked 1 year ago

What are the factors that affect the weather of a geographical area?

Paula NwannadiPaula Nwannadi replied 1 year ago

We have human activities,

Fatiha OlayiwolaFatiha Olayiwola replied 1 year ago


Gift GbenroGift Gbenro replied 1 year ago

Storm , Humidity , rainfall

Dossou EmmanuelDossou Emmanuel replied 1 year ago

Temperature, rainfall, Sunshine

Livingstone UzomaLivingstone Uzoma replied 12 months ago

Temperature, rainfall, sunshine

IVANA NDUIVANA NDU replied 12 months ago

rainfall,temperature and sunshine

Amasio FaruqAmasio Faruq replied 8 months ago

Sunshine, rainfall, temperature and human

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Usman Muhammad lailaiUsman Muhammad lailai answered 1 year ago


Fatiha OlayiwolaFatiha Olayiwola answered 1 year ago


Shalom DurunnaShalom Durunna answered 1 year ago

Temperature as well as all the climatic factors 

Ugoo OgbuUgoo Ogbu answered 12 months ago

We have anthropogenic(human) causes.
In fact, human activities affects the environment more every other thing in the world.
We have natural factors

Mercy LuckyMercy Lucky answered 11 months ago

Rainfall, Temperature, Humidity

Josiah AniebietJosiah Aniebiet answered 11 months ago

Well for one we have humidity.another factor is the earth`s rotation

Treasure OkonkwoTreasure Okonkwo answered 11 months ago

Temperature, air pressure, solar radiation and orbital distance

Amasio FaruqAmasio Faruq answered 8 months ago

Temperature, humidity, rainfall and sunshine

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