DiscussionsCategory: GeographyWhat are the factors afffecting weather?
Victor OludareVictor Oludare asked 3 years ago

What are the factors that affect the weather of a geographical area?

Paula NwannadiPaula Nwannadi replied 3 years ago

We have human activities,

Fatiha OlayiwolaFatiha Olayiwola replied 3 years ago


Gift GbenroGift Gbenro replied 3 years ago

Storm , Humidity , rainfall

Dossou EmmanuelDossou Emmanuel replied 3 years ago

Temperature, rainfall, Sunshine

Livingstone UzomaLivingstone Uzoma replied 3 years ago

Temperature, rainfall, sunshine

IVANA NDUIVANA NDU replied 3 years ago

rainfall,temperature and sunshine

Amasio FaruqAmasio Faruq replied 3 years ago

Sunshine, rainfall, temperature and human

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Usman Muhammad lailaiUsman Muhammad lailai answered 3 years ago


Fatiha OlayiwolaFatiha Olayiwola answered 3 years ago


Shalom DurunnaShalom Durunna answered 3 years ago

Temperature as well as all the climatic factors 

Ugoo OgbuUgoo Ogbu answered 3 years ago

We have anthropogenic(human) causes.
In fact, human activities affects the environment more every other thing in the world.
We have natural factors

Mercy LuckyMercy Lucky answered 3 years ago

Rainfall, Temperature, Humidity

Josiah AniebietJosiah Aniebiet answered 3 years ago

Well for one we have humidity.another factor is the earth`s rotation

Treasure OkonkwoTreasure Okonkwo answered 3 years ago

Temperature, air pressure, solar radiation and orbital distance

Amasio FaruqAmasio Faruq answered 3 years ago

Temperature, humidity, rainfall and sunshine

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