DiscussionsCategory: Civic EducationWhat is cooperation?
TIMOTHY asked 3 years ago
Adeola EnubuzorAdeola Enubuzor replied 3 years ago

Doing things together without complain, or agreeing together

2 Answers
Hope UmaruHope Umaru answered 3 years ago

Cooperation is the coming together of two or more people to discuss

Ayokunmi OlayiwolaAyokunmi Olayiwola answered 3 years ago

Cooperation is act of people coming together as a group or team to achieve common goal

eniola shittueniola shittu replied 3 years ago

It means doing things with focus

Islamiat OladejiIslamiat Oladeji replied 3 years ago

Cooperation means working together towards a shared aim.

Khalid AdigunKhalid Adigun replied 2 years ago


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