DiscussionsCategory: Basic ScienceWhat is the most fascinating scientific fact?
Fayo OlaFayo Ola asked 4 years ago

I love science and interesting scientific facts blow my mind.

Let us write some scientific facts that would surprise anyone who didn’t know about them.

Mine: It is possible for someone to be both a dwarf and a giant at the same time.

Upvote me if you didn’t know this, or downvote if you knew this scientific fact or if it is not a scientific fact but fiction.

Write yours below as an answer, and not as a comment so that it can be upvoted or downvoted.

Whichever fact gets the most upvotes is the most fascinating science fact.

Jeremiah EkechukwuJeremiah Ekechukwu replied 4 years ago

You can hear a blue whale’s heartbeat from more than 2 miles away.

Kelechi NnoromKelechi Nnorom replied 4 years ago

I did not know that🤔🤓

3 Answers

Babies have about 100 more bones than adults.

collins oladayocollins oladayo replied 3 years ago


Mobolaji OLUSEGUNMobolaji OLUSEHUN answered 4 years ago
  1. bees can detect bombs.
  2. Boyfriends do more housework than husbands.
Karen NwachukwuKaren Nwachukwu answered 3 years ago

A teaspoonful of neutron star would weigh 6 billion tons.

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