DiscussionsCategory: Basic TechnologyWhich tool is used for carving?
Melvyn ChukwuMelvyn Chukwu asked 3 years ago

What is the name of the tool used for carving?

Chiazokam ChijiokeChiazokam Chijioke replied 3 years ago


Adetomiwa AdeniyiAdetomiwa Adeniyi replied 3 years ago

mallet and chisel

Samuel elemuchukwu OkorieSamuel elemuchukwu Okorie replied 1 year ago


Chukwuma OkoloChukwuma Okolo replied 9 months ago


7 Answers
Chiazokam ChijiokeChiazokam Chijioke answered 3 years ago


Melvyn ChukwuMelvyn Chukwu answered 3 years ago

i Think it is scribble

Akatika EmmanuelAkatika Emmanuel answered 2 years ago
  1. Gouge
  2. Mallet
  3. Cutting knive
  4. Coping saw and
  5. Chisel
Olushola GbenroOlushola Gbenro answered 2 years ago

Cutting knife, chisel, coping saw and mallet

Debrah OyianaDebrah Oyiana answered 2 years ago


Endurance EdwardEndurance Edward answered 2 years ago


Oluwadamisi GbadeyanOluwadamisi Gbadeyan answered 2 years ago


Oyiza AbdulsalamOyiza Abdulsalam replied 2 years ago

Chisel, mallet, knife

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