DiscussionsCategory: GeographyWhy do you think the Earth’s shape is geoid?
peculiar olasekunpeculiar olasekun asked 4 years ago

Why do you think the Earth’s shape is geoid?

lucy eduoralucy eduora replied 4 years ago

The geoid is a shape like the surface of the Earth. … For many practical purposes, a simpler shape is used because that makes calculations easier. That shape is called a reference ellipsoid. In basic education, the shape of the Earth is described as being like an orange, a sphere but wider round the equator.

BENITA DAVIDBENITA DAVID replied 4 years ago

I think its geoid because, the earth rotates “ROUND” its axiz.

samuel oyedoyinsamuel oyedoyin replied 4 years ago

evidence/proof of earth sphericity(geiod)
1.circumnavigation of earth by ferdinard magellan and his crew between 1519 and 1522
2.sunrise and sunset
3.planetary bodies
4.lunar eclipse
5.circular horizons

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Priscilla OlogunjaPriscilla Ologunja answered 3 years ago

The earth is not really spherical because, it is flattened at the North and South poles therefore, it is geoid

Melvyn ChukwuMelvyn Chukwu answered 4 years ago

it is geoid because it is  ROUND

Ibrahim OlashindeIbrahim Olashinde replied 3 years ago

It is geoid because it is spherical in shape

Chidimma MaduchemChidimma Maduchem answered 2 years ago

This is because it is slightly flattened at the North and South Pole

Terungwa GongurTerungwa Gongur replied 2 years ago

Spherical shape

Precious UdehPrecious Udeh replied 2 years ago

Because it has a spherical shape

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