DiscussionsCategory: GeographyWhy do you think the Earth’s shape is geoid?
peculiar olasekunpeculiar olasekun asked 2 years ago

Why do you think the Earth’s shape is geoid?

lucy eduoralucy eduora replied 2 years ago

The geoid is a shape like the surface of the Earth. … For many practical purposes, a simpler shape is used because that makes calculations easier. That shape is called a reference ellipsoid. In basic education, the shape of the Earth is described as being like an orange, a sphere but wider round the equator.

BENITA DAVIDBENITA DAVID replied 2 years ago

I think its geoid because, the earth rotates “ROUND” its axiz.

samuel oyedoyinsamuel oyedoyin replied 2 years ago

evidence/proof of earth sphericity(geiod)
1.circumnavigation of earth by ferdinard magellan and his crew between 1519 and 1522
2.sunrise and sunset
3.planetary bodies
4.lunar eclipse
5.circular horizons

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Priscilla OlogunjaPriscilla Ologunja answered 2 years ago

The earth is not really spherical because, it is flattened at the North and South poles therefore, it is geoid

Melvyn ChukwuMelvyn Chukwu answered 2 years ago

it is geoid because it is  ROUND

Ibrahim OlashindeIbrahim Olashinde replied 2 years ago

It is geoid because it is spherical in shape

Chidimma MaduchemChidimma Maduchem answered 11 months ago

This is because it is slightly flattened at the North and South Pole

Terungwa GongurTerungwa Gongur replied 10 months ago

Spherical shape

Precious UdehPrecious Udeh replied 2 weeks ago

Because it has a spherical shape

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