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A playscript is a script for a theatrical play. It is designed for performance, in which actors take the roles of characters, perform the specific actions and speak carefully, selected written dialogue.

In writing a simple playscript, the following must be included:

1. The Title: Your playscript must have a carefully selected title that resonates with your work’s thematic preoccupation.

2. The Setting: It is basically the time and place a literary work portrays.

3. Characters: Your characters, who are your casts, are prerequisite for a good playscript. The name of characters and positions occupied must be carefully spelt out.

4. The Stage Directions: What each character does must be enclosed in brackets, close to their dialogue. For example,

Evan: (Whispering, with hands akimbo) I’m going to deal with this man.

5. There should also be the direct representation of the conversation between two or more actors (dialogue).

Below, is a simple playscript, for a short story entitled: The Promise


Officer’s Quarters, Air Force Military Base, Kainji – (setting)


Eva: Is daddy going to keep his promise?

Eva’s Mom: What promise, sugarplum?

Eva: He promised to safeguard and fight for his life. He needs to return the expensive hairpin he bought for me.
(touching her chest) – [stage direction].

Eva’s Mom (sobbing quietly) – [stage direction]: I hope he does, dear. I hope he comes back with your symbol of love.

Eva: He has to. Only when he comes back, will I let out the mystery behind the promise.

(The twenty-one gun salute, sent shivers down the spine of the residents of the military base. Eva and her mom are
dressed in white; their dried eyes and cheerful dispositions added light to the day. They understood only too well the promise, for in the death of a hero is a mysterious promise sealed).

You should get a captivating title and write a playscript for this short story below:

The princess was sick. The magician had tried everything humanly and magically possible to restore her failing
health, yet to no avail. It was time to take her to the evil forest; a place dreaded by the weak spirits and revolting with the stench of human flesh. On this said journey, she must go alone to cleanse her land from the evil her illness has
brought on it.

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