ClassHall Toppers Challenge for 3rd Term 2019/2020 Session

The 2020 ClassHall Toppers Challenge has ended. Winners will be announced and sent their gifts.

The ClassHall Toppers Challenge is a termly competition aimed at rewarding hardwork and academic excellence.

Prizes are given to the top three students on the Hall of Fame who meet the eligibility requirements of the competition.

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Terms & Conditions

  • Participant must be a registered Classhall user.
  • Participant must apply by filling and submitting the form on this page.
  • Participant must be 13 years or older to be eligible for this competition.
  • Teachers are NOT eligible to take part in this challenge.
  • Participant must be subscribed to a class bundle on a termly subscription plan or higher.
  • Daily, weekly, monthly and single subject subscribers are NOT eligible.
  • Participant must complete all the lessons and assessments for the academic term in view.
  • Participant must get the approval of their parent(s) or guardian(s) before taking part in this challenge.
  • Participant must attempt all tests and exam simulation themselves without external help.
  • Interested participant must agree to these terms and conditions.
  • Participant must have game mode enabled on their subjects throughout the duration of the competition.

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