Welcome to the Hall of Fame – the ClassHall Rewards Centre

At ClassHall we believe outstanding students deserve some accolades and recognition for their performance.

We created the Hall of Fame to not only showcase the best of the best on ClassHall, but also reward them with little gifts in order to encourage them to always strive for academic excellence and to promote healthy competition among learners.

Gifts will be given out to students who make it to the Hall of Fame by the end of each academic term provided they meet the following criteria:

  1. Participant must be listed on the top 3 positions. (Consolation prizes may be given to other positions)
  2. Participant must have subscribed for at least a termly bundle. (Daily, weekly and monthly subscribers are not eligible. Single subject subscribers will also not be considered, regardless of the subscription plan.)
  3. Participant must complete all the lessons, tests and mock examinations on all the subjects subscribed for, for the relevant term.
  4. Participant must be a student of appropriate school age. Teachers on the platform are not eligible.

Winners will be announced at the end of each academic term.

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