ClassHall 2.0 is Here!

Introducing Live Video Classes

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is a video worth?

Interact with a Real Teacher

Communicate directly with teachers or fellow students in a virtual classroom environment.

Collaborate with Others

Meet, study and share ideas with your classmates in your school, locality and other parts of the world.

Get Instant Answers

Stuck on a lesson on interactive mode? Ask questions and get immediate answers.

Get the Best of Both Worlds

Take advantage of the cutting-edge edtech Classhall provides and the expertise of a trained teacher.

Your teacher is just a click away!

No technology, however advanced, can replace the presence and impact of a real teacher in the life of a student.

Classhall uses carefully designed smart learning software to drive student engagement with study materials, but without a teacher to guide and support the learner, some questions may be left unanswered and issues left unattended, consequently creating a big gap in the learning process.

The Classhall Live Video Classes aim to solve this problem by getting real teachers to stand in the gap, reaching depths technology could never reach.

With Classhall edtech and a smart human touch through live video classes, the students can reach new horizons in their quest to acquire knowledge.

Features of Classhall Live Video Classes

HD Video Streaming

Video and audio help you experience the class in real time, creating unhindered learning possibilities.

Digital Whiteboard

The digital whiteboard functions as the traditional chalkboard giving participants more ways to communicate.

Real-time Co-annotation

Annotation lets both teacher and students draw and highlight what's on screen. This is useful for discussing visual materials like diagrams, charts, etc.

In-video Tweets/Chat

Send tweets or chat with teacher or fellow students during a video session.

Screen Sharing

Teacher or students can easily share their screen in a class, allowing them to share a presentation, video or documents with the other participants.

Available Subjects

Junior Secondary: Mathematics English Studies Basic Science Basic Technology Business Studies Agricultural Science Civic Education

Senior Secondary: Mathematics English Language Chemistry Physics Biology Government Economics

Classhall live video classes

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