Classhall Live Video Usage Guidelines

All Classhall subscribers on a monthly, termly or yearly plan can join a live class of the subject(s) they are subscribed for.

To participate in the live video class, you basically need three things:

  1. An Internet-enabled device such as a desktop or laptop computer, a tablet or smart phone (preferably a computer).
  2. A modern browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Opera Mini is not recommended. You may also download the Zoom app from Google Play Store or iOS App Store.
  3. A fast Internet connection to ensure a high quality video and audio streaming.

The time table for the live video classes can be found here.

You can and should join the class 5 minutes before the stipulated time. The teacher will start the class at least 10 minutes before the actual time.

You must be accepted in to the class by the teacher before you can take part.

As usual, you are expected to be on your best bahaviour during the live class. However, the following are the things you are allowed do at the appropriate time or when the teacher approves or gives room for such activities:

  1. You can ask questions when you are not clear about a point made during the teaching.
  2. Try to take notes or identify problem areas during the class.
  3. You can send discreet tweets or chat with the teacher when they (the teacher) are not actively speaking. You can also chat with the whole class.
  4. You can share your screen with the teacher or entire class when asked to do so, or when you need do so.

During the live class, you may not display any inappropriate behaviour or engage in any of the following activities:

  1. Distracting the class or making unnecessary noise.
  2. Using the chat feature to send unsolicited messages or inappropriate/offensive materials such as media showing nudity, cultism, occultism, torture or hate speech.
  3. Using the live class or the ClassHall platform as an avenue to make unholy friendships or alliances.
  4. Sleeping during the class.
  5. Chewing gum or eating during the class. You may drink water or a non-alcoholic drink when you need to.
  6. Engaging in any activity that has no direct correlation or positive impact on the overall experience of the live class.
  7. Using swear words or offensive language.
  8. Doing anything that the teacher or fellow class participants may find inappropriate or offensive.

You can join the class by clicking on either of two links on the Subject Page of the live class.

  1. The Join via Web Browser link
  2. Join via Zoom App

The following are the specific steps to take to join the class.

A. If you wish to use your browser or you don’t have the Zoom App installed on your phone or computer.

  1. Click on the Join via Web Browser link and wait for the new page to load.
  2. Enter your name in the dialogue box that is displayed on the screen and click on Join.
  3. The teacher will be notified that you are requested to join the class. During this time, you will be in the waiting room briefly. You will be admitted to the class when the teacher accepts your request to join.
  4. Select ‘Allow’ when your browser asks if you want Classhall to Use Your Video. Note that your video will be seen if you click on ‘Deny’.
  5. Toggle on your video and audio buttons to enable the video and audio of your device.

B. If you wish to use the Zoom App.

  1. First download the Zoom App from the Play Store or App Store. Skip this step if you already have the Zoom App installed on your device.
  2. Click on the Join Class via Zoom App link on the Subject Page of the live class.
  3. Wait for the app to initialise and send your request to join to the teacher.
  4. Toggle on your video and audio buttons to enable the video and audio of your device.

To get a good video quality, you need to use a device with a decent front camera quality. A device camera with at least 5 mega pixels selfie camera is a good starting point. You also need a fast Internet connection to avoid distorted streaming or disconnection.

Here are a few things to check to get a better quality of video:

  1. Sit in a chair or at a desk facing the source of light like a window. Never sit with your back or side against the source of light.
  2. If your device is set to use the rear camera, toggle it to use the front camera by clicking the toggle button on the live class interface.
  3. Use a headphone or earpiece if possible.
  4. Turn up the media volume of your device louder audio.
  5. Avoid background sound/noise.

If your video or audio is not working, try any of the following suggestions:

  1. Toggle on your video and audio buttons to enable the video and audio of your device.
  2. Ensure Classhall is allowed to use your device’s video or audio.
  3. Endure the room is not too dark or you are not backing the source of light.
  4. Double check that volume of your device is turned up.


If you cannot join the live class, try to do the following:

  1. Use a modern browser like Google Chrome or Firefox.
  2. Ensure the browser is up to date.
  3. Try a different method of joining the class such as through the Zoom Android or iOS app. You must first download and install the Zoom App on your device to use this method.
  4. It is possible your admittance into the class is being delayed for one reason or the other. Ensure you are duly subscribed to the subject and are eligible to participate in the class.
  5. Double-check that the class is still on or that you are not too late. If you are late or the class has ended, you will see a corresponding notification in place of the count down timer. You may not be admitted to the class 10 minutes before the end of the class session.
  6. Contact Classhall helpline on any of the support channels for quick assistance.

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