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The No.1 Smart Learning Platform in Nigeria

Gamified Learning

ClassHall is built on game design principles, using the latest educational technology to drive user engagement with content.

Progress Control

Progress through Classhall lessons and assessments is based on mastery of lessons tested by contextual end-of-lesson assessments.

Multimedia Lessons

ClassHall uses images, animations and videos along with text where applicable to stimulate the brain and increase content retention.

Interactive Learning

Immediate and direct feedback is essential for learning to take place. Classhall features two levels of interactivity: student - content and student - community.

Digital Montessori

We believe young students learn faster when the method incorporates play and competition. Learning on ClassHall is like playing your favourite adventure game.

Personalized and Self-paced

Classhall is designed to accommodate the unique learning needs, interests, pace and background of individual students. We believe in slow and steady progress.

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Smart Learning in Nigeria
Cliff Imasuen

Smart Learning in Nigeria

What is Smart Learning?

Smart learning is a branch of electronic learning which uses advanced educational technology to deliver interactive lessons and assessments carefully designed to suit each learner’s cognitive abilities. It describes a learning approach that employs mobile, wireless communication, and sensing technologies to enable learners to interact with learning materials at their own pace without the barriers of space and time. Smart learning is relatively new in the Nigerian education space, but it is fast gaining acceptance by students, schools and parents because of its role in helping students to better grasp and retain lesson content with ease.

The Difference between Electronic Learning and Smart Learning

Electronic learning and smart learning very closely related terms. Even though they are often used interchangeably, there is still a slight difference between them. Electronic learning is a broad educational concept primarily characterized by the use of electronic media and other types of communication technologies such as computers, mobile phones, smart TVs and the Internet. Smart learning, on the other hand, is a subset of e-learning which focuses on making learning personalized, interactive and engaging through the use of devices like gamification and progress control.

Google to Introduce Internet Safety Course to Secondary Schools in Nigeria
Cliff Imasuen

Google to Introduce Internet Safety Course to Secondary Schools in Nigeria

Google Nigeria has announced that it will this year introduce an Internet safety course into the curriculum of secondary schools in Nigeria.

This safety course is developed by Google and is one of the initiatives aimed at educating young Nigerians on how to be safe while using the Internet.

Google, in a statement, revealed that it would organize online safety workshops in 32 states in Nigeria in partnership with the Public and Private Development Centre (PPDC) and the Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council (NERDC).

According to the statement, the partners in this initiative aim at educating more than 100,000 secondary school students on how to stay protected when using the Internet through the workshops which form part of Google’s Web Rangers programme, a digital literacy programme designed to allow young people to gain critical skills and knowledge around online safety.

This is the first time such an event would be held on such a scale in Nigeria, the statement said.

Google to Introduce Internet Safety Course to Secondary Schools in Nigeria

“As the Internet grows, so does the need for safety, privacy, and security online. Google is, and always has been, committed to helping make the Internet safer and more useful for everyone,” said Google Nigeria Policy Manager, Seember Nyager.

Why Every Student Needs a Smart Learning App

What is Smart Learning?

Smart learning is the use of specialized digital technology to access educational content and learning resources. It is a subset of electronic learning which leverages artificial intelligence to enhance learning by combining personalized lesson delivery, assessments, game play mechanics and collaboration into one robust platform accessible anytime, and on any device.

A smart learning app is a software that bundles these elements into an installable mobile or desktop application.

Why Every Student Needs a Smart Learning App

In today’s digital age, every student needs a smart learning app on their smart phones. The reasons are not far-fetched

1. Learning has gone beyond brick and mortar classrooms: Since the invention of the Internet and smart devices, teaching and learning has gradually metamorphosed from a static in-classroom activity to a dynamic experience not limited by school walls, time and distance.

2. Personalized Learning: With a smart learning app, personalized, self-paced learning is now made available anywhere and anytime, unleashing endless new possibilities for the learner.

The student becomes a proactive leader of the learning process rather than a bored, uninterested follower, which often obtains in a teacher-centred physical classroom setting.

Cliff Imasuen

Gamification on


What is Gamification?

Simply put, gamification is the use of typical game design elements in non-game environments. It is the application of game play mechanics to other activities (point scoring, level locking and unlocking based on performance, halls of fame, competitive atmosphere, etc.) with a goal to increasing user engagement with content and encouraging participation. Gamification is an effective way to make difficult and otherwise boring activities exciting and engaging.

Gamification is built into the very core of the Classhall smart learning platform. It begins when a prospective user registers an account and is introduced automatically to a Quest.


A quest is similar to a mission in adventure games. It features an interactive map which shows a student their progress on the accomplishment of a specific task. Quests force students to complete a task in the exact specified order. For example, a quest might require a student to get perfect scores (100%) in 10 consecutive tests without having a lower score in-between. This can be used to guide students in their study or emphasize very important areas in the curriculum which must be properly understood.

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