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Gamified Learning

ClassHall is built on game design principles, using the latest educational technology to drive user engagement with content.

Progress Control

Progress through Classhall lessons and assessments is based on mastery of lessons tested by contextual end-of-lesson assessments.

Multimedia Lessons

ClassHall uses images, animations and videos along with text where applicable to stimulate the brain and increase content retention.

Interactive Learning

Immediate and direct feedback is essential for learning to take place. Classhall features two levels of interactivity: student - content and student - community.

Digital Montessori

We believe young students learn faster when the method incorporates play and competition. Learning on ClassHall is like playing your favourite adventure game.

Personalized and Self-paced

Classhall is designed to accommodate the unique learning needs, interests, pace and background of individual students. We believe in slow and steady progress.

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