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User Registration/Account Activation

To register an account on, you need to visit the user registration page, and fill the registration form with the information required. You will be asked to provide your username, email address and password. Please ensure you provide a valid email address during registration as you will be sent an activation link which you must use to activate your account.

After registration, you will receive a message informing you that an activation link has been sent to the email address you provided during registration. Visit your email address and locate the message sent from Click on the verification/activation link in the message body of the email. The link will take you back to where you will see a congratulatory message that your account has been successfully activated. You will also receive an email  informing you of your account activation.

Logging into your account is easy. To log in, you need to click on the Login link or menu item at the top right corner of the site. To successfully log in, you will be asked to enter your username or email address and your password in the fields provided. After entering the requested information, click on the Login button.

Using the Resources on

Some resources on are entirely free of charge for registered users. But others are not. Once registered, our users have limited access to the SSCE, UTME, POST-UTME, and BECE computer-based tests and explanations on the platform. Access to subjects, lessons and smart assessments is also limited to a few free preview lessons which the user can take without purchasing the subject. To gain full access to all the resources on, users need to purchase a subject or subject bundle for their class for a negligible fee.

To sign up for a subject bundle, visit the ClassHall Store, scroll down to your desired subject(s) or subject bundle and click on it/them. You may use the category list on the right sidebar to streamline your search. Once the subject(s) or subject bundle(s) are in view, click on the Subscribe Now button to add your subject/subject bundle to the Cart. If you wish to purchase more subjects, you need to repeat this process for all the subjects or simply opt for a subject bundle that contains all the subjects you are offering or interested in. Apart from the relative ease in subscribing for all your subjects at once, subject bundles are far more affordable than single subjects.

When you have selected your desired subjects and have all of them in the Cart, you should then click on the shopping cart icon on the main menu to view all the items you selected. Confirm that you have all your desired subjects or bundles in the cart. When you are sure that all the subjects you wish to subscribe for have been added to the cart, you may proceed to checkout, selecting the payment method convenient for you.

Game mode, otherwise called Interactive mode, is a core feature of the Classhall smart learning platform. It requires users to complete each lesson by taking a mandatory test and scoring at least 70% out of 100% to proceed to the next lesson.

If a user has not completed the first lesson, for instance, they will not be able to access the second lesson, and if they have not completed the second lesson, they will not be able to access the third.

This feature was designed to enhance mastery of content and to prevent students from skipping lessons and tests.

All new subscriptions are on game mode by default.

Game mode is particularly useful to students, but teachers may want it turned off in order to grant them unhindered access to lessons. To prevent abuse of the platform, only users on a monthly subscription plan or higher can deactivate it.

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