• Access Object
  • Loading and Exiting Ms Acess
  • Methods to Create Table in Access
  • Creating a New Ms Access Database

Access Object

In Microsoft Access, a powerful database management system, various objects play pivotal roles in input, display, querying, printing, and automation of work. These essential objects include:

  1. Query: A query is a method employed to search a database for records that share common attributes. This powerful tool allows users to extract specific data from vast datasets efficiently.

  2. Form: Forms are versatile tools that can be used instead of tables for data entry and record viewing. They provide an organized and user-friendly interface for interacting with the database.

  3. Report: Reports are crucial for generating various printed outputs from the database. They enable users to present data in a structured and professional format, making it easy to analyze and share information.

Starting and Naming a Database

Unlike word processing or spreadsheet documents, databases require naming before any work begins.

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