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Classification of Computers by Types

When computers are classified by type, three distinct groups or classes of computers are identified: digital, analogue, and hybrid computers.

Digital Computer

The digital computer stands as the most prevalent type in use today. It excels in processing discrete data, primarily related to counting. As the name suggests, digital computers quantify physical quantities through counting. They find widespread application in data processing across various fields. Modern devices increasingly rely on digital systems. Examples include calculators, digital wristwatches, and digital fuel dispensers.

Digital Computer

Analogue Computers

Analogue computers, in contrast, handle continuous data such as speed, temperature, and heart rate. They primarily serve scientific measurement needs, especially those involving continuous data processing. Hospitals often deploy specialized analogue computers for patient monitoring. Think of analogue as representing the continuity of associated quantities, similar to how an analogue clock measures time by tracking the hand’s movement around a dial. Common examples include thermometers, analogue clocks, speedometers, and tire pressure gauges.

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