• Introduction to the History of Computing
  • Concrete Devices in Computing
  • Number System

Introduction to the History of Computing

Computers have a profound impact on various aspects of human life, including research, industry, education, government, medicine, law, social sciences, and even artistic endeavors like music and painting. The history of computing extends beyond the development of computing hardware and modern technology, encompassing methods designed for pen and paper or chalk and slate, sometimes aided by tables.

Concrete Devices in Computing

Concrete computing is closely linked to the representation of numbers. However, even before the abstraction of numbers, mathematical concepts existed to serve civilization’s needs.

Tally Stick

The tally stick, an ancient memory aid, was used to record and document numbers, quantities, or messages. Tally sticks initially appeared as notches carved into animal bones during the Upper Paleolithic Age, as seen in the Ishango Bone.

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