• Loading and Exiting Ms-Excel
  • Spreadsheet Features and Terminologies
  • Loading the Spreadsheet Package
  • Exiting the Spreadsheet Package
  • Creating a New Worksheet

Loading and Exiting Ms-Excel

The features of a normal Microsoft Excel environment are presented below:

Title Bar

The title bar serves as a crucial element within an application, displaying the application’s name and the active book. It also hosts several icons, including those for the Office Button, Save Button, Undo Typing, and Customize Quick Access Toolbar.

Office Button

Positioned at the top of the Excel window, the Office Button provides a range of essential functions. It empowers users to create new workbooks, access existing ones, save, save as, print, send, or close documents.

Quick Access Toolbar

The Quick Access Toolbar offers a highly customizable experience, housing a collection of commands that users can readily employ. Furthermore, additional commands can be effortlessly incorporated into this toolbar to enhance productivity.

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