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Toyyib IbrahimToyyib Ibrahim asked 6 months ago

What are rhetorical questions?

Fanan UkeFanan Uke replied 4 months ago

this is a question that is asked not to be answered in return.It is also said to be a question asked for emphasis.

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Kobby AbokiKobby answered 5 months ago

A rhetorical question is a question that is asked, not necessarily because an answer is needed, but because the person who asks the question is trying to make a point or make a strong statement.
A rhetorical question is used to emphasize a statement or point of view.
An example of rhetorical question is “What have I done to deserve this kind of treatment?”. The speaker is simply trying to enforce his belief that he hasn’t done anything to deserve the ill treatment he is getting. Another example of rhetorical question is “Who can challenge God?”. What this means is that no one can challenge God.
A rhetorical question needs no answer. It is meant to prove a point or stir some kind of thought or reaction in the mind of the listener.
Do you understand my explanation? (Now, this question is not rhetorical because I actually need your answer.) B) 

Sadiq BarauSadiq Barau answered 5 months ago

Rhetorical question is a question asked in order to create a dramatic effect or to make a point rather than to get an answer.

Maryam Abduljamih FolorunshoMaryam answered 5 months ago

A rhetorical question is one in which the questioner does not expect a direct answer.

Emmanuel EhiemEmmanuel Ehiem answered 2 months ago

A rhetorical question is a question asked as a way of making a statement not really because an answer is expected. It is asked mainly to lay emphasis on a particular course of event. E.g Who is so stupid as not to love his mother?, What have i done to this world?

Jay TeeJay Tee answered 1 month ago

A rhetorical question is something that you think about no response is needed 

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