DiscussionsCategory: Basic ScienceWhen and where was crude oil first discovered in Nigeria?
Toyyib IbrahimToyyib Ibrahim asked 4 years ago

When was oil discovered in Nigeria and in what state was it discovered?

Faith ChiomaFaith Chioma replied 1 year ago

1956 in Niger Delta

3 Answers
Melvyn ChukwuMelvyn Chukwu answered 4 years ago

Oil was discovered in Nigeria in 1956 at Oloibiri in the Niger Delta after half a century of exploration.

Iyanuoluwa OjukannaiyeIyanuoluwa Ojukannaiye answered 2 years ago

Crude Oil was first discovered in Olobiri (the present day Bayelsa State) in 1956 after about 19years of exploration.
NOTE:Crude Oil exploration in Nigeria started in 1937.  

Orval HeathcoteOrval Heathcote answered 1 year ago

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