DiscussionsCategory: Basic ScienceWho discovered gravity – Newton or Einstein?
Fayo OlaFayo Ola asked 4 months ago

Who really discovered gravity between Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein?

Oluwatobiloba SavageOluwatobiloba Savage replied 4 months ago

Newton, he discovered gravity first

Christabel OkoyeChristabel Okoye replied 4 months ago


Jahswill UnweneJahswill Unwene replied 4 months ago

Newton when an apple fell on his head

Fawaz AjiferukeFawaz Ajiferuke replied 1 week ago

Newton discovered gravity

2 Answers
Emmanuel MichaelEmmanuel Michael answered 4 months ago

Sir, Issac Newton discovered Gravity

Samuel OluwadamilareSamuel Oluwadamilare replied 4 months ago

Sir Issac , Newton

Karen NwachukwuKaren Nwachukwu answered 2 months ago

Sir Isaac Newton

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