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  1. Meaning of Art Terminologies
  2. Art Terminologies


Meaning of Art Terminologies

Art terminologies are a body of words that are peculiar to art. They are words commonly used in art and are simply referred to as art language. For instance, the word donkey is an animal in everyday use, but in art terms or language, donkey means a seat used for drawing.


Art Terminologies

The following are terminologies used in art listed in alphabetical order:

  1. Abstract art: A piece of art that does not look like any real real-life object.
  2. Armature: The iron framework used as a support inside clay or cement objects.
  3. Airport art: An art object that is made primarily for sale that is usually sold at airports and other places.
  4. Bisque or biscuit: A fired clay ceramic object with a glaze coat.
  5. Chiaroscuro: The play of light and shade in a painting.
  6. Casting: This is the process of changing clay objects into cement, brass or bronze objects with the use of plaster of Paris.

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