Meaning, Attributes and Benefits of Honesty

Complexity: Standard

<h1><strong>NATIONAL VALUES - HONESTY</strong></h1> CONTENT <ol> <li>Meaning of Honesty</li> <li>Attributes of Honesty</li> <li>Benefits of Honesty</li> </ol>   <h2><strong>Meaning of Honesty</strong></h2> Honesty is the attitude of standing for the truth or telling the truth at all times. It also means being fair, sincere and truthful. It may also involve such attitudes as equity, fairness, openness, uprightness and sincerity. Honesty implies being trustworthy; not likely to lie, cheat or hide facts. <strong>EVALUATION </strong> <ol> <li>What is honesty?</li> </ol>

Self Reliance: Identifying and Nurturing One’s Talents

Complexity: Standard

<h1><strong>IDENTIFYING AND NURTURING ONE'S TALENTS</strong></h1> <strong>CONTENT</strong> <ol> <li>Processes of Identifying One’s Natural Talents</li> <li>How to Nurture Identified Talents</li> </ol> <br> <h2><strong>Processes of Identifying One's Natural Talents</strong></h2> Natural talents can be identified in the following ways: <ol> <li>Gift: The gift that one has could be easily identified by people that are close to such person through varying activities</li> <li>Parental Discovery: The parent of a person is a good channel through which talents can be discovered. This is as a result of long years of interaction and living together under the same roof.</li>

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