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  1. Application Areas of ICT
  2. ICT-based Gadgets
  3. Operations of ICT-based Gadgets


Application Areas of ICT

ICT can be applied in the following areas namely;

1. Teleconferencing

A teleconference is a telephone meeting between two or more locations through a telecommunications system. Terms like phone conferencing, telephone conferencing and audio conferencing are otherwise used to refer to teleconferencing.

In teleconferencing, audio-only or audio-video data can be transmitted through one or more different telecommunications media, such as telephone, computer, television, radio, telegraph and teletypewriter.

Internet teleconferencing includes video conferencing, web conferencing, internet telephone conferencing and augmented reality (AR) conferencing.

2. Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is the conduct of a videoconference using a set of telecommunication technologies which makes it possible for two or more locations to communicate by simultaneous two-way video and audio transmission. It has also been called visual collaboration and it is a type of groupware. Videoconferencing (or video conferencing) is the conduct of a video meeting among two-person or more people in separate places by means of computer networks to transmit both audio and video data

It can also enable you to share more information like files, applications, whiteboard and etc.

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