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  1. Definition of Graph
  2. The Cartesian Plane (constructing Cartesian plane; coordinate/ordered pair; choosing scales; plotting points on a Cartesian plane)
  3. Graphs of Linear Equations
  4. Plotting Graphs from Table of Values


Definition of Graph

Graph is a picture of numerical data. A familiar example is the representation of numbers on the number line. The positions of the number on the line are called points.


The Cartesian Plane

This is a plane surface with axes drawn on it. The Cartesian is derived from a French philosopher and mathematician who worked out the possibility of presenting geometry in a numerical form. His full name is Rene Descartes, hence the name Cartesian.

Graphs - The Cartesian Plane

We describe a point on a Cartesian plane by two numbers say (x, y) called coordinates. x is the distance of the point from vertical line called y-axis and y is the distance of the point from horizontal line called x-axis. The figure below illustrates it more.

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