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  1. Meaning of Animal Health Management
  2. Meaning of Disease
  3. Types of Diseases
  4. Common Terminologies Related to Farm Animal Diseases


Meaning of Animal Health Management

Animal health management deals with monitoring the health status of the animals on the farm. It is apparent that a healthy animal will be productive while an unhealthy animal, apart from not being productive, becomes a liability as money would be spent for their treatment. Besides, there is a high risk of transferring the infections to other animals.

Meaning of Disease

A disease condition is a deviation from normal functioning state of the animal’s body which comprises of different components working in unity.

In a nutshell, disease is any condition in which there is departure from the normal functioning of the system of the animal’s body.

Types of Diseases

  1. Infectious Diseases (Pathogenic Diseases)
  2. Non-Infectious Diseases (Non-pathogenic)

Infectious Diseases (Pathogenic Diseases)

These are diseases caused by organisms that are referred to as germs or pathogenic organism.

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