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  1. Definition of Intervals
  2. Kinds of Intervals
  3. How to Determine Intervals
  4. Major and Minor Intervals

Definition of Intervals

An interval is the distance in pitch between two notes. It is also defined as the difference in pitch between two notes or sounds. These two definitions mean the same thing.

Kinds of Intervals

An interval can be melodic or harmonic, depending on how it is written or sounded.

Melodic Interval

An interval is melodic if the two notes are written or sounded one after the other. In other words, a melodic interval occurs when the first note is sounded or written separately followed by the second note, for example:

Kinds of intervals - Melodic interval

Notice in the above example (a and b) that the first note is played or sounded before the second one in each case.

Harmonic Interval

An interval is harmonic if the two notes are placed vertically on the stave or sounded together at the same time. This is to say that a harmonic interval occurs when the two notes are sounded at the same time.

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