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  1. Definition of sets
  2. Set Notations
  3. Types of Sets


Definition of Sets

A set is a general name for any group or collection of distinct elements. The elements of a set may be objects, names, points, lines, numbers or idea.

The elements must have unique characteristics (specification) that can help to distinguish them from any other element outside the group or set. Hence, a set is a collection of well defined objects e.g.

(i) a set of mathematics text books

(ii) a set of cutleries

(iii) a set of drawing materials etc.

Sometimes there may be no obvious connection between the members of a set. Example: {chair, 3, car, orange, book, boy, stone}.

Each item in a given set are normally referred to as member or element of the set.


Set Notation

Meaning of Set Notation

This is a way of representing a set using any of the following:

  1. Listing method
  2. Rule method or word description
  3. Set builders notation.

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