Transformation of Energy; Uses of Energy

Complexity: Standard

<h1><strong>TRANSFORMATION AND USES OF ENERGY</strong></h1> CONTENT <ol> <li>Transformation of Energy</li> <li>Uses of Energy</li> </ol>   <h2><strong>Transformation of Energy </strong></h2> Energy changes happen daily around us. The law of Conservation of energy states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed but it can change from one form to another.The following are examples of transformation of energy: <ol> <li>Mechanical Energy → Heat energy e.g. rubbing two surfaces against each other</li> <li>Chemical energy → Light energy e.g. torch light battery.</li> <li>Sound Energy → Electrical energy e.g. microphone, loudspeaker</li>

Friction: Balanced and Unbalanced Forces

Complexity: Standard

<h1><strong>FRICTION: BALANCED AND UNBALANCED FORCES </strong></h1> CONTENT <ol> <li>Meaning of Friction</li> <li>Uses and Advantages of Friction</li> <li>Disadvantages of Friction</li> <li>How to Reduce Friction</li> <li>How to Reduce Friction</li> <li>Balanced and Unbalanced Forces</li> </ol>   <h2><strong>Meaning of Friction</strong></h2> The force that tries to stop a body from moving is called friction. Friction also means force that opposes motion. Friction can be reduced by lubrication i.e. adding oil and grease placed between the two surfaces in contact. The oil and grease are called lubricants. <h2 style="text-align: center;"><img class="size-full wp-image-36570 aligncenter" src="" alt="Friction; Balanced and Unbalanced Forces - Protection from friction" width="396" height="239" /><strong>Protection from Friction</strong></h2> <span style="color: #008000;">Friction is a force that occurs when one object moves against another. The ceramic tiles on the outside of the space shuttle protect it from the great friction caused when the shuttle re-enters Earth’s atmosphere.</span> <h2><strong>Uses and Advantages of Friction</strong></h2> The following are the uses and advantages of friction:

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