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  1. Meaning of Denudation
  2. Stages or Sequences of Denudation
  3. Types of Denudational Processes
  4. Factors Affecting Denudation


Meaning of Denudation

Denudation is the process of lowering and leveling of the earth surface by gradual break down and wearing away of such earth’s surfaces.

The agents or forces which promote these breaking and lowering of the earth’s surface are called agents of denudation. Examples are wind, running water, ice and waves.


Stages or Sequences of Denudation

Denudation involves four sequences or stages, which includes: weathering, erosion, transportation and deposition.  


This is the gradual disintegration of rocks by physical, chemical and biological processes.


This is the active wearing away of the earth’s surface by the agents of denudation.


This is the active removal of eroded materials to new position or areas.


This is the dumping of the debris in certain parts of the earth where it accumulates to form soil.

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