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  1. Electric Current
  2. Electric Circuit
  3. Potential Difference
  4. Electromotive Force
  5. Resistance
  6. Types of Resistors
  7. Sources of Electric Current
  8. Arrangement of Resistors
  9. Ohm’s Law
  10. Calculations


Electric Current

Definition of Electric Current

Electric current (l) is defined as the time rate of flow of electric charge along a conductor.

\(I = \frac{Q}{t}\)

Q is the quantity of charge measured in Coulomb,  ‘t’ is the time in second . I is the current in Ampere(A).There are submultiples of Ampere

1mA = 10-3A

1μA = 10-6A

Ammeter is an instrument used for measuring current. The electric symbol for ammeter is

Milliameter measures smaller current.

Galvanometer are used to detect very small current.


Electric Circuit

Definition of Electric Circuit

An electric circuit is the path provided for the flow of electric current.

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