1. The Concept of Fields
  2. Types of Fields
  3. Properties of a Force Field
  4. Acceleration Due to Gravity
  5. Determination of Acceleration Due to Gravity
  6. The Shape and Dimension of the Earth


The Concept of Fields

A field is a region under the influence of some physical agencies such as gravitation, magnetism and electricity.


Types of Fields

There are two types of field:

(i) Vector field

(ii) Scalar field.

Vector Fields

A vector field is that field which is usually represented by lines of force; while a scalar field is that field that is not represented by lines of force.

Examples of vector fields include gravitational field, magnetic field and electric field.

Examples of scalar fields include regions with distribution of temperature, density, etc.

(i) Gravitational Field

Gravitational field is a region of space or a force field surrounding a body that has the property of mass.

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