1. Meaning of Environmental Resources
  2. Types of Environmental Resources and their Importance


Meaning of Environmental Resources

Environmental resources are features of the environment which are endowed by nature and of great value to plants and animals. These materials can be found in the air, water and on land.

There are two forms of natural resources. These are biological and physical resources. The biological resource have to do with organic materials such as plant and animals, while the physical resources have to do with inorganic materials such as crude oil, tin, water, etc.


  1. What are environmental resources?
  2. Describe two forms of environmental resources.


Types of Environmental Resources and their Importance

There are different types of resources found in the environment. They include

  1. Atmospheric resources
  2. Water resources
  3. Vegetation resources
  4. Mineral resources
  5. Land resources
  6. Human resources

1. Atmospheric Resources

These include the wind, gases, rain, and solar energy.

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