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  1. Meaning of Ration Formulation
  2. Rules of Ration Formulation
  3. Methods of Ration Formulation: (i) Simultaneous method (ii) Trial and error method (iii) Linear programming (iv) Computer method (v) Pearson square method
  4. Practical Diet Formulations for the Different Classes of Farm Animals (Starter, Grower, Finisher Diets)
  5. Identification of Different Feed Ingredients Used for Diet Formulation: (i) Plant Ingredients (ii) Animal Protein Ingredients
  6. Factors to Consider in Feed Formulation for Farm Animals
  7. Practical Feed Formulation


Meaning of Ration Formulation

Ration formulation is the art and science of developing diets that are most economical by taking advantage of various feed ingredients available at cheap prices.

Rules of Ration Formulation

1. The total percentage of a formulated feed should be 100%.

2. Ration formulation manual is prepared in percentages.

3. There are two types of ingredients in a ration:

  • Fixed ingredients: These are the micro-ingredients i.e. their percentages are very small in ration i.e. fish meal, bone meal, oyster shell etc.
  • Variable ingredients: These are macro-ingredients i.e.

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