1. Meaning and Classes of Animal Feeds
  2. General Functions of Feed to Farm Animals
  3. Importance of Feed to Animals
  4. Factors that Determine the Nutrient Requirement of a Farm Animal
  5. Reasons for Feeding Farm Animals
  6. Classification of Feed Stuff
  7. Classification of Feed Nutrients and their Functions


Meaning and Classes of Animal Feeds

Animal nutrition refers to the components of feed, their actions, interactions, and balance in relation to the well-being of animals. Nutrition is further defined as the science that involves various chemical and physiological activities which transform nutrients into body elements. Nutrition involves ingestion, digestion, and absorption of various nutrients, their transportation to all body cells and the removal of the waste products of metabolism.

Animal Nutrition - Animal Feeds


General Functions of Feed to Farm Animals

Meaning of Feed

Feed is any food substance which when fed to animals is capable of providing some of the nutrients necessary for up keep to that animal. Food is the major requirement of the body for substance and maintenance of all physiological, anatomy and pathological functioning.

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