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  1. Definition of Input Devices
  2. Types of Input Devices

Definition of Input Devices

An input device is any computer hardware equipment used to send data into the main storage of the computer for processing.

It is the part of the computer or any device that is used to invoke a command or instructions into the computer to obey in order to accomplish its task.

Types of Input Devices

(i) Keyboard (ii) Mouse (iii) Scanner (iv) Microphone (v) Joystick (vi) Card readers (vii) Light pen (viii) Digital camera etc.

The Keyboard

A keyboard is an input device which is used to input data into the computer system. It remains the most vital interface device between the user and the computer. It is the most common input device for entering data into the computer. It is also an electronic device with several groups of keys electronically linked to the processor when attached to the computer.

The Keyboard

There are two main types of keyboard:

  1. Standard Keyboard
  2. Enhanced Keyboard

The Mouse

This is a small device moved with the hand to control the movement of the pointer on a computer screen.

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