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  1. Definition of Concepts: (i) Remote Sensing (ii) Satellite (iii) Satellite Remote Sensing
  2. Application of Satellite Remote Sensing
  3. The Relationship between GIS and Remote Sensing


Definition of Concepts

1. Remote Sensing

Remote sensing can be defined as perception and recording of phenomena by devices which are not in contact with them. In the broadest sense remote sensing includes techniques used in geographical surveys to probe the earth’s crust and in oceanographic surveys of the ocean floor. This term of recording and analyzes the characteristics of earthly phenomena by air-borne devices that are carried in balloons, air craft, helicopters, satellites and space craft.

Remote sensing can also be defined as the process of obtaining information about land, water or objects without physical contact between the sensor and the object(s) of analysis.

2. Satellites

Satellites are objects purposely placed into orbit around earth, other planet or the sun. Moon is a natural satellite of the earth. Artificial satellites are objects made by man placed in orbit around the earth.

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