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  1. Causes of Climate Change
  2. Consequences of Climate Change
  3. Remedies to Climate Change


Causes of Climate Change

There are many causes of climatic change. They include

(i) greenhouse effect

(ii) Ozone layer depletion

(iii) Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) gases

(iv) Carbon emissions

(v) Deforestation

(vi) Gas flaring

1. Greenhouse Effect

Long wave radiation from the sun is being shielded by the activity of carbon monoxide and chloro-foro carbon (CFC) mixing with dust in the atmosphere. This result in concept called greenhouse effect where long wave radiation is being shielded beyond expectation, resulting in prolonged heating of the environment thus changing the climate.

2. Ozone Layer Depletion

Smoke from automobile (e.g. vehicles), industries, burning of coal/wood etc move into the atmosphere as carbon monoxide. Emission from certain types of air conditions and refrigerators also rich the atmosphere as Chloro-foro carbon (CFC). These gases mix up with dust in the atmosphere and acts as melting agents to the ozone layer which shields the earth from ultra-violet rays from the sun.

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