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  1. Open Sentences
  2. Letters to Represent Symbols or the Unknown
  3. Open Sentences with Two Unknowns


Open Sentences

Consider the question:

“What number added to \(7\) will give you \(12\) ?” How will you write that as a mathematical sentence?

A mathematical sentence consists of numbers and symbols (that represent unknown numbers) called variables. The equivalent mathematical sentence of the above question can be written as:
       \(\text{ }+ 7 = 12\)

We call the above equation an open sentence.


\(14 +\text{ }\)        \(= 17\)

This will be true if \(3\) goes in the box.

\(14 +\text{ }\)    \(3\)  \(= 17\)

We say \(14 +\text{ }\)        \(= 17\) is an open sentence. Any value can go in the box but usually, only one value will make an open sentence true.


In each sentence, find the number which makes it true.

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