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  1. Meaning of Environment
  2. Types of Environment
  3. Domains or Spheres of Environment
  4. Importance of the Environment


Meaning of Environment

Environment can be defined as the total surrounding of any organism in a given area. This includes the physical factors, the climatic factors and other living organisms in that surrounding.


Types of Environment

There are three types of Environment, which include

  1. The physical environment
  2. The social environment
  3. The cultural environment

Physical Environment

This can be defined as all the natural physical constituents that can be felt, seen and handled. This includes, the relief, water bodies, climate and vegetation.

Social Environment

Social environment can be defined as man’s interaction with his physical and cultural environment; that is man’s interaction with both natural and man-made environment as well as his interaction with his fellow man.

Cultural Environment

Cultural environment can be defined as the man made environment; in other words it is the environment made by man for his comfort.

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