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  1. Meaning of Relief
  2. Lowland Areas in Nigeria
  3. Highland Areas in Nigeria
  4. Drainage System in Nigeria
  5. Climate and the Seasons in Nigeria
  6. Vegetation of Nigeria


Meaning of Relief

A relief refers to the surface features of the land above the sea level. Relief of Nigeria can be grouped into two main classes which are lowlands and highlands.


Lowland Areas in Nigeria

Meaning of Lowland

Lowlands refer to the areas below 300m above sea level. Areas of lowlands in Nigeria and their altitude or height are:

  1. The Sokoto plain in the Northwest (200 – 300m)
  2. The Niger-Benue trough valley (100 – 300m)
  3. The Chad basin or Bornu plain (100 – 300m)
  4. The Niger Delta (0 – 100m)
  5. The cross River basin (120 – 180m)
  6. The interior coastal lowland of western Nigeria (100 – 300m)
  7. The Coastal plain (0 – 100m)

Rocks Associated with Lowlands

  1. Coastal Plain – Sedimentary rocks of alluvial deposits.

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