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  1. Speech Work: Intonation Patterns
  2. Structure: Indirect/Direct Speech
  3. Comprehension/Vocabulary Development: Emeka’s Family/The Media
  4. Composition: Expository Essay
  5. Literature: Themes of Precious Little Darling


ASPECT: Speech Work

TOPIC: Intonation Patterns

Meaning of Intonation

Intonation is the ‘melody’ of speech. It is the changing pitch of the voice. It is to a certain extent controlled by stress, for important changes of pitch occur only on stressed syllables.

Intonation may indicate doubt, certainty, disbelief, interest or indifference. If for instance, a speaker answers “yes” in reply to a question, different shades of meaning can be inferred from the speaker’s intonation. This reply, when given in a falling tune, means a strong affirmation which shows that there is no doubt in the speaker’s mind. But when the same reply is given in a rising tune, it suggests some reservation in the speaker’s mind. In English language, intonation has special functions which include: grammatical and attitudinal meaning.

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