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  1. Speech Work: Consonant Contrasts /p – f/; /Ʒ – ʃ/; /t – q/; /l – r/; /s – q/; /ʃ – ʧ/
  2. Vocabulary Development: Word Building Using Prefixes
  3. Reading Comprehension: It’s so Unfair’ (NOSEC, pages 75 – 77)
  4. Structure: Expressing Obligation and Necessity Using: must, have to, need, ought to, etc.
  5. Composition (Oral): “Corruption is Worse than Armed Robbery”
  6. Literature: Revising Drama (use recommended text)

ASPECT: Speech Work

TOPIC: Consonant Contrasts /p – f/; /Ʒ – ʃ/; /t – θ/; /l – r/; /s – θ/; /ʃ – ʧ/

ASPECT: Vocabulary Development

TOPIC: Word Building Using Prefixes

Meaning of Prefixes

Prefixes are affixes or parts of words that are added to the front part of words to form another word.


-un, non, dis, mal, mis, rel, pre, ex, sub, etc.

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