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Key Signatures: Major keys with Sharps and Construction of Keys G and D Major

Meaning of Key Signatures

Key signatures are symbols that indicate the key of a piece of music. These symbols are sharps and flats. They are placed at the beginning of the stave after the clef symbol. It can be found in both the treble and bass staves.

Major Keys with Sharps

Key C major has no sharp or flat as the key signature because all the notes are natural.

Key C is played only on white keys.

There are seven major keys with sharps, namely. G, D, A, E, B, F # and C#. Study the following table carefully and notice that,

Song to Remember Major Keys with Sharp Sign

d: d: d: s: l: l: s:-:m:m:r: r:  d:-:-:-:

G      D     A      E    B    F   C —     Major keys with sharp

d:-:m:-:l:-:r:-: d: t: l:  t:d:-:-||

F—-sharp C—sharp  are keys with sharp sign

This is the order of sharp keys; G D A E B F C.

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