1. Speech work: /p/, /b/, /t/ and /d/
  2. Comprehension/Summary: Summarising in a Specific Number of Sentences
  3. Vocabulary Development: (Words Associated with Traditional Religion)
  4. Structure: Nominalization of Adjectives
  5. Writing Skills: Letter Writing – Semi-Formal Letters (Introduction)


ASPECT: Speech Work

TOPIC: Consonants /p/, /b/, /t/ and /d/

Consonant /p/

This is a voiceless, bilabial, oral, plosive consonant sound. It is produced by raising the soft palate so that the flow of air does not go out of the nose and by closing the two lips firmly to trap the air for a short time in the mouth. The phonetic symbol of the sound represents the sound of the following underlined letter(s) in their respective words.

p… in the following words: plot, peak, port, pay, pull, push, parrot, pride, soap, rope, uphold, etc.

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