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  • Concept of Electron Flow.
  • Circuits: Series and Parallel.
  • Ammeter and Voltmeter.
  • House Circuit; Fuse and Circuit Breaker.
  • Electric Meter Reading and Billing.


We already know various forms of energy. Can you mention them? Today, we are going to learn about Electrical energy in detail.

Now, what is electrical energy?


We make use of electricity in our towns and some villages, homes; schools etc. electricity is used for lighting, heating and cooling and in our industries. This electrical energy is the energy derived from the flow of electrons which is known as electric current.

How does electron flow, are there types of flow, how and with which device do we measure the flow, what is the electrical circuit, how do we prevent the hazards, and read the meter and billing system.


In an electric flow, the current consist of a swarm of moving electrons. What causes an electric current to flow is a chemical device called an electric cell.

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