SS2 Agricultural Science Scheme of Work for First Term




  • (a) Macro- and Micro-nutrients: Their Functions and Deficiency Symptoms in Crops
  • (b) Factors Affecting Availability of Nutrients such as pH, Excess of Other Nutrients, Leaching, etc.
  • (c) Methods of Replenishing Lost Nutrients, Crop Rotation, Input of Organic Manure, etc.
  • (d) Nitrogen, Carbon, Water and Phosphorus Cycles – Diagrams, Processes and Importance of Each Cycle
  • (e) Meaning and Importance of Organic Agriculture
  • (a) Meaning of Irrigation System
  • (b) Types of Irrigation Systems
  • (c) Description of Each Irrigation System
  • (d) The Advantages and Disadvantages of Each Irrigation System
  • (e) Importance/Advantages of Irrigation System
  • (f) problems Associated with Irrigation
  • (g) Sources of Irrigation Water
  • (h) Characteristics of Irrigable Soil
  • (a) Meaning of Drainage
  • (b) Importance of Drainage
  • (c) Types of Drainage
  • (d) Description of the Various Types of Drainage, Advantages of Each
  • (a) Meaning of Farm Surveying
  • (b) Common Surveying Equipment
  • (c) Uses of Each Equipment
  • (d) Maintenance Measures on Farm Survey Equipment
  • (e) Importance of Farm Surveying
  • (a) Meaning of Farm Planning
  • (b) Factors Considered in Farm Planning and the Design of a Farmstead
  • (c) Importance of Farm Planning
  • (a) Meaning of Farmstead
  • (b) Importance of Farmstead Planning
  • (c) Principles of Farm Planning/Layout – Consider the following:
    Farmstead siting (i) Soil conditions (ii) Water supply
    Location of Farm Buildings
  • (a) Meaning of Agricultural Pollution
  • (b) Types and Sources of Pollution of Agricultural Lands and Fish Ponds        
  • (c) Effects of Land/Pond Pollution on Farmers and Agricultural Productivity


  • (a) Meaning of Forest and Forestry
  • (b) Importance of Forestry
  • (c) Forest Regulation
  • (d) Forest Management Practices:
    (i) Selective exploitation
    (ii) Regeneration
    (iii) Afforestation
    (iv) Water shed
  • (e) Implication of Deforestation
  • (a) Meaning of Agro-forestry
  • (b) Practices of Agro-forestry:
    (i) Taungya system
    (ii) Different Agro forestry combination in production of crops, livestock pasture
    (iii) Tree-species suitable for agro forestry practices
  • Revision of work done in First Term

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