1. Meaning of International Organisations
  2. The United Nations (UN)
  3. The Aims and Objectives of the United Nations (UN)
  4. Achievements of the United Nations (UN)


Meaning of International Organisations

International organisations are organisations set up to cater for the interest of independent nations. They provide services needed by different members of the organisation e.g. UNO, ECOWAS, AU, etc.


The United Nations (UN)

The Origin of the United Nations (UN)

After the First World War (1914 – 1918), the participants in the war through their experience establish on international organisation called the League of Nations in 1919 to ensure that there will not be only other outbreak of war, promote world peace and security. It headquarters was at General intermediately, there was another outbreak of war in the world and that was the Second World War (1939 – 1945). This shows the inefficiency of the League of Nations and the need to establish another organisation. This desire led to the establishment of United Nations Organisation UNO in 1945 to replace the League of Nations.

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